David Lloyd & Associates is the world’s most elite private travel concierge.



Imagine a life-changing journey to breathtaking landscapes and circumstances unknown to the masses. Our most profound pleasure is to take your interests and sense of enjoyment and construct a trip that exceeds every possible expectation. Escape into an experience filled with wonder and relaxation.

Every moment, destination, and experience is anticipated and handcrafted specifically for you.

Complete & Personalized

David Lloyd & Associates is not simply about luxury travel—anyone can do that. We provide service so complete and personalized it will alter how you see the world and what it has to offer.



We thrive alongside clients with adventurous spirits that know the pure exuberance of discovery. Our expertise in unconventional ideas means we’ll take you places and make things happen that you never knew were possible. We invite you into the wakened version of your dreams.

Unforgettable Adventures

Whether you long for a ride aboard a felucca with cotton bales lining the floor for a moonlight cruise down the Nile, a chartered helicopter to hover over Siena during the Palio, or even to bungee jump over the Victoria Falls, we are here to design your dream adventure.



We make the unimaginable a tangible reality. What we are able to provide exceeds just the external experience and opens the doors to a transformative one-on-one journey with the world. Our expertise ensures each adventure, no matter how intricate, is flawless and no detail is spared.

Details & Perfection

You’ll have private access to the best of our worldwide network, from fine culinary choices to exclusive accommodations. But it’s our attentiveness to detail and perfection that guides each facet of the journey and makes us different. Anyone can charter a private jet or take over a restaurant, but we are known for the big and little touches that create memorable experiences.

By understanding your motivations, passions, and vision, we invent an immersive experience that is unique to you. When you dream it, we achieve it.



For those who seek to push beyond the limits of the every day, we include opportunities for you to immerse yourself in different cultures and become involved in their stories. There is nothing quite as satisfying as knowing you have the power and ability to leave a positive impression on the world. Often these unexpected and inspirational experiences are the most memorable when paired with the already remarkable nature of our individually constructed journeys.

Profound Connection

David Lloyd & Associates provides a profound internal connection that brings everything to life through who you are, where you’ve come from, and where you want to go as an individual or group. Our dedication to your happiness is completely unbound from limitations and is intended to awaken an understanding of being truly inspired by the extraordinary.

Interview with David Lloyd

David Lloyd

Founder David Lloyd refreshingly delivers an embodiment of true excellence in a market of tiring and gimmicky promises. Providing top-tier services is one thing, it is quite another to become part of the very thread of your existence and open a new realm orchestrated to your wildest notions. He was raised in Madagascar, educated in Europe, and through a lifetime rich with travel, David has collected a sensational catalog of resources. While sitting happily on the pulse of the world, he wants to show you the unseen, search for every personal connection and alter your understanding of what it is to live in the wakened version of your dreams.

Who is your ideal clientele?
I am looking for clients who have done the superficial travel and are now hungry for depth and substance in their travel experience. Clients who realize there is more to this world than glitzy tourist hotels and “must go” destinations. I want clients who can be filled with wonder and thrilled by knowledge and discovery.
What specifics can you give about a few of the unique trips you’ve designed?
Some of the interesting adventures include clients repelling down Iguassu Falls and weightless astronaut training at Star City near Moscow. I’ve organized a private ballet recital with the St. Petersburg Ballet with one of my client’s granddaughters and then rented a palace to perform it in. I’ve had a client renew their vows with their children present in a Shinto marriage ceremony dressed in authentic Shinto wedding garb. The children were a part of the ceremony adorned in Samurai and geisha dress. For another client I organized a sunrise Bat Mitzvah on the eastern end of Masada with a 50 person Israeli orphan choir backing up the cantor. Later at night in the Sea of Galilee I had a photo montage set to music and projected on a water screen in the middle of the sea. The list goes on…
How are your clients changed by their experiences?
While in South Africa we had a family volunteer at an AIDS orphanage and serve lunch to the orphans as well as pass out school supplies and soccer balls. This made a big impact on the younger members of the family. In Iceland, we organized a dinner at the village built especially for their special needs population. The client was so moved they donated a whole new sound system to the village.
Why is giving back such an important and unique aspect of your company?
David Lloyd & Associates is constantly looking for areas of need in the country our clients travel to. Not only do we strive to leave as small a carbon footprint as possible, but we also use local ground operators to fulfill our programs. Many of our clients have requested to give back to the areas they have visited and in honoring their requests we have found local needs and addressed them. Things as simple as books, pencils, and sports equipment for local schools provide much needed support. Or even larger scale contributions such as financial assistance to build a new Well Baby Clinic and fresh water wells. The list is long and changes with each program, but we find we are able to leave an inspiring and positive impact.
How are you able to ensure the quality and safety for each experience?
To insure the optimum experience and establish security I coordinate a pre-trip to certain destinations. One of the reasons I pre-trip is to make sure there are no security risks and that the suppliers I use are safe and adhere to the highest industry standards. I will also hire undercover security personnel to insure the client’s safety.
What is at the heart of David Lloyd & Associates?
I am dedicated to tailoring each program to each member of the group. They must come away from my trips with something valuable. I would like to help my clients appreciate their world a little more.

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